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where people are made samurais
Current Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Favourite cartoon character: Himura Kenshin
Personal Quote: With a sword, the people within my sight...can at least be protected.

:hug: : August 21, 2005 : Back

last visited 4w 5d 18h 12m 30s ago

~battousai-club has 790 new messages ( 588D, 5H, 18M, 1C, 152J, 1P, 25N )

Wow o_O I really need to update here

Well I'm gonna start on these notes lol


:cries: : June 22, 2005 : Leaving

Well there comes a time where the maker of a club leaves it =P And thats that time!
Anyway, I like Kenshin and all but its not exactly my obsession anymore. I barely keep up with this club anyway. I might be needing a new admin soon so keep that in mind. If you want to be one, note me and tell me why you would like to be the admin of this club. If not, everything will be deleted.

{edit} Ehehehe....^^; After looking back at this it makes me want to kill myself. o_O AHH! What was I thinking? I still like Kenshin and plus this was my first club =P (Maybe I was just tired)Sorry everyone! I've been lazy and what not. The people who sent me notes wanting to be a new admin maybe you can be a helper or something one day. @_@
Double Triple sorry everyone! I'll try to keep up with updates and contests and stuff.



:nod: : April 25, 2005 : Clans

I have come up with a new idea for the future. Instead of having a boring members page, I decided to have clans instead. So all members, note me saying what clan you want to be in. If you have no idea what the Ishin Shishi and the Shinsengumi represent, just ask me and I will tell you. There are also descriptions underneath the links at the bottom. It's not a big deal where you are. But in the future when let's say we have over 100 members, where are we going to put them all?

If there is a clan here that you want to be in and is not here, but is in the Kenshin series, just notify me. Another point of this is to make this club more like a Kenshin club.

Later on I'll think of how to come up with ranks. For example, you could be at the lowest rank...trainee or at the highest rank....battousai. Get my point? Anyway, note me when you can.


:party: : March 24, 2005 : Grand Opening

The club is now up! :w00t:


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Hey, Alissa. Just trying to find everyone from LASA on here.
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I don't think this club is still active. Are you???
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